Within the project “Sing Outside The Box”, there were several events taking place:

Conference “Sing outside the box“, November 2018, Turkey


November 2018

The conference 2018 of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat presented the results of the project to the full European choral network (the conference complements the General Assembly, and 2018 was an election year, guaranteeing a high attendance).

The results of the project were presented and evaluated, and their dissemination was organised among this powerful network of multipliers. The involvement of the European choral community in the process is a key strategical elements to ensure dissemination of the new methods.



EUROPA CANTAT XX in Tallinn, 27.07.-05.08.2018, Estonia



The EUROPA CANTAT festival is the triennial meeting point for the whole European choral world, a place where 5000 singers, conductors, composers and managers are trained, the best ensembles perform, where debates and networking flourishes, where cooperations are born. Participants bring back inspirations, contacts, repertoire and skills; and the event triggers many new programmes across Europe.

The Europa Cantat programme included 20 atelier concerts, 14 regional concerts outside Tallinn, 37 open-air concerts, 38 concerts by participating choirs, 26 special concerts with invited choirs, 38 concerts at the Choirs´ Night and 19 Promenade concerts. A total of 25,000 tickets were printed for participants and 2,500 tickets were sold to the general public. Of which many were dedicated to the themes of current project. 

The Music Expo featured 25 businesses and organizations, including music publishers, music event organizers, and other music industry professionals.

The highest number of guests came from Germany (500), Israel (444) and Switzerland (426). There were 170 volunteers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, France, Hungary, Slovenia, South Africa, Ireland, Finland and many other countries. Participants ate 30,430 festival meals during the week.

The programme included concerts and appearances by the The Swingles (UK), the jazz choir Vocal Line (Denmark), Inner Mongolia Youth Choir and many others. There were also concerts by the cream of Estonian groups – the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Estonian National Male Choir, Vox Clamantis, Estonian Voices and others. 

The festival highlights included the Opening concert at Liberty Square, the „Happy Birthday, Estonia!“ concert at Tallinn´s Song Celebration Ground, Arvo Pärt´s «Te Deum» by the nearly 300-strong choir and the National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the Grammy-award winning conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, and the Choirs´ Night in the courtyards of Tallinn´s Old Town.

The festival programme included ateliers for singers, a conductors and composers programme, seminars, workshops and round tables, a training course for young event managers, showcases, concerts and public sing-alongs. There was also the Music Expo where publishers, music event organizers, organizations and other music industry professionals presented their products and services and the work that they did.

Many of the daily activities such as ateliers, workshops and concerts were illustrating the theme “Sing Outside The Box”. The list of activities directly related to “Sing Outside The Box” can be found here. 

The international music festival Europa Cantat was initiated by the European Choral Association. It takes place every three years and it is one of the key events in the choral world. The first festival was held in Passau, Germany, in 1961, and the previous one was in Pécs, Hungary three years ago. The next Europa Cantat will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2021.


EuroChoir 2018 – Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia

Organized by Sulasol.

After a careful audition, the EuroChoir offers the opportunity to 50 young singers between 18 and 30 from all over Europe to get together to rehearse a challenging programme with two renowned conductors, improve their vocal skills and present the results of their work in public concerts.

This year, after a week of rehearsal and concerts in Helsinki, Finland, the choir crossed the bay, and join the EUROPA CANTAT Festival for several concerts, and presentations by the conductors!

The conductors of this edition will be Maria van Nieukerken (NL) and Mikko Sidoroff (FI).

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Conference “Sing outside the box” Tallinn, Estonia | 6-8 October 2017, Estonia


6-8 October 2017

Continuing the line of conferences discussing hot topics of the choral world, we are organising the public conference “sing outside the box”. We are setting up an exciting programme focusing on “different” ways to perform, to interact with (new and younger) audiences, and cooperation with other art forms. On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, you will discover new ideas, exchange along practical sessions and maybe even sing (outside the box, of course…).

EuroChoir 2017, Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands

General Information

In 2017, 50 singers (ag 18-30) joined in Utrecht to be part of the EuroChoir 2017. The choir was conducted by Maria van Nieukerken (NL) & Lorenzo Donati (IT).

Want to know how the singers experienced the choir? Check the video one of them made and posted on Facebook.

Concerts 2017
5 July – try out Akoesticum (Ede),
7 July – Waalse kerk (Amsterdam)
8 July – Pop up concerts in city centre (Utrecht)
8 July – AMUZ (Antwerpen)
9 July – Musicstand De Klanksteen, festival A Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Utrecht)
9 July – Geertekerk (Utrecht)

About EuroChoir
The EuroChoir is organised each year in a different country in Europe. It is a project choir with 50 singers aged 18-30 from all over Europe. EuroChoir is a concept of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC).

The EuroChoirs 2016, 2017, 2018 are a joint venture by three organisations. In 2016 the EuroChoir was organised by Feniarco (IT), in 2017 by ZIMIHC (NL) and 2018 by Sulalsol (FI). Conductors for these EuroChoirs are:
2016: Mikko Sidoroff (FI) & Lorenzo Donati (IT)
2017: Lorenzo Donati (IT) & Maria van Nieukerken (NL)
2018: Maria van Nieukerken (NL) & Mikko Sidoroff (FI)

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